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About 3D print
I saw a very lower price 3D printer in kickstarter.

theit already hit $3,058,509 fund and 10,748 Backers .

Actually I plan to buy a 3DPrinter and this is look great . but look like this project still have some Risk.

Any Opinion?

Hello Jame,

it is fascinating, how much money you can found with such a product - great - I love that!

For me it has two disadvantages:
Dimensions: Print height: 116mm (4.6"). Base Print Area: 109mm x 113mm. Print Area Above 74mm: 91mm x 84mm.

Delivery time:
Feb 2015 if you want to get it for 299$

If you take a look to the so called Innovations I don't find anything thrilling. For seriouse printing people this might be a good third printer.
15 Innovations

M3D has introduced many innovations in the field of filament-based 3D printing with the introduction of The Micro:

1. Most space-efficient 3D printer ever made.
2. Light-weight, portable design fits nicely on your desk.
3. Micro motion chip provides completely automatic leveling and calibration.
4. Most quiet 3D printer ever made.
5. Lowest power consumption 3D printer ever made.
6. Carbon fiber rods: light, sturdy, self-lubricating and long-lasting
7. Ceramic heater for rapid heat-up, power efficiency, reliability and safety.
8. Bold colors. Choose from Silver, Black, Blue, RedOrange, and Green.
9. New filament materials like Chameleon PLA.
10. Inspirational Micro filament spools.
11. Modernized touch-capable software.
12. Replaceable print beds for alternative materials.
13. Replaceable nozzles for experimenters.
14. Designed for fast assembly in the US for quality control.
15. An ABS-based print bed allows you to print larger ABS parts.
(04-27-2014 08:16 PM)jacklee Wrote: [ -> ]

It is cute.

The print height would be a real problem for me as a primary printer. Because I tend to print slow and fine my best surfaces are actually are facing the layers. This is why I print gears vertically.

I think this will be great for hobbyist, I hate to sound sexists, but most of the uses I can see this for would be hobbies generally attributed to women. You could make beads, jewelry etc etc. Small parts for crafting..scrapbooking. At that price point it might really be realistic for people to 3d print for more "purposeful" reasons. Not saying what we do doesn't have purpose, but I don't 3d print just to have a magic "part" maker, I enjoy the design, the "how" of the print. Printing becomes a lot more of the focus than the end product for many 3d printing pioneers which won't be the case for this machine.
(04-27-2014 09:50 PM)steamboat Wrote: [ -> ]6. Carbon fiber rods: light, sturdy, self-lubricating and long-lasting
Why does this scare me? Maybe I have a hard time with "change."
(04-28-2014 11:55 PM)jmccartney Wrote: [ -> ]I think this will be great for hobbyist
Yes, but as you found out by yourself the major problem is to find the right (and affordable) design software - and you have to be a designer.

I also tell the people "If you have a laser printer and a word software you are not automatically a candidate for the lietrature Nobel Prize ...
I'm interested in "light user" of 3D printer.
Light user have 3D printer, but they are not like a creator.
In my opinion, that's no problem for them even if they don't know 3d modeling.
They just find good 3d model on web and enjoy printting it as hobby.
I think they don't like large and expensive printer very much at first.

In this case of printer, may be over 10000 light users will born.
I think, more 1 million light users will born in next 5 years.
And, in the future, most of 3D printer users are light user.

They may be don't know how to make robots, too.
So, it will be good chance to introduce Shellmo to them for starting robots with their printer.

Already, for printing with like this little printer, I designed all RepWalker's parts as smaller than 100 x 100 x 100mm size.
And I will design all next module's parts also smaller than this size.
I don't want to set the 100mm size as "max" for every module, but it will be max size especially for our recommended modules for beginner.

And I'm interested in the price, too !
The low price printer must be useful for introducing Shellmo to more people.
Sho, never thought about it from this side - all this makes sense to me. Also the 100 x 100 x 100 margin is good to establish - not only because of the print bed size but also because of the possible warp and uneven building plates.

But we also have to define what Shellmo "is" and "stands for"!
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