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I reached the goal of my day - even if it is 1:30 the next day already...

RepWalker sits on it's new claws with 5 mm axis and 5 mm crank pin. This are still test claws because the grove for the C-clip is missing. Will add this in the morning.
[Image: 2014-04-21.014202-k.jpg]
(ABS - 0.25 layer height - 30 mm/sec max printing speed)
The 5 mm axis are easy to print. I will produce two claw variants. One with long and one with short crank pin. Yes, from the point of production Sho's design with only one variant was better - but with two variants again it is simpler (and a little faster) to print...
Great job Rainer. You do seem to get a lot done in very little time Wink
(04-21-2014 12:20 PM)jmccartney Wrote: [ -> ]Great job Rainer. You do seem to get a lot done in very little time Wink

Thank you - but I have many projects running - so Shellmo might fall back from prio 1 to 3 in short ;-)

It is my Easter Project to start with Shellmo - still one more day left. The other 3 claws are in print while I will make breakfast for my small family - wife and daughter (11)
Very good and fast job !
Please don't mind about the Shellmo if you have another creations !

Yes, human's life (especially, life as creator) is short. It's true. haha Big Grin
(04-21-2014 07:51 PM)sho Wrote: [ -> ]Please don't mind about the Shellmo if you have another creations !
No - no! The shell will be the next! But I am still not ready with the base.

Could you please tell me this x length of the Shellmo adapter points - It's something about 153 mm but I am not sure. Please specify also the Y distance of the 4 mounting bores.
[Image: 2014-04-21.122311-k.jpg]
(04-21-2014 08:29 PM)steamboat Wrote: [ -> ]No - no! The shell will be the next! But I am still not ready with the base.
haha, alright !

The X distance is 156.5mm. Y is 70mm.

But, I just found my miss in 3D model. It should be 156.6mm, but there is 0.1 mm lag.
This is not good, but, I will repair this later when we will release with new connector.
RepWalker ra-mod-01 is running by itself. Changed to black filament because my wife wanted black earrings...

Sho's c-clip method for the axis is great. This is a well known method in metal but working in plastic also - I like it.
[Image: 2014-04-21.230314-k.jpg]

The hot glued switches at the front are for demonstration purpose only

Guten Morgen,

Looks very nice !
Oh, I can see you use C clip(I called "C ring" but that's not ring, so is C clip correct ?) on Claw,too. And it's works well.

Honestly, I feel the center space (where you put Arduino and Battery) of RepWalker is waste, but the waste space must occur because, the size of "Core" and small mechanism of RepWalker.
The current Shellmo, I put Arduino UNO and Breadboard(half) on core, so core and RepWalker should be this size.

This is a problem of module stracture of Shellmo, but I feel it's no problem to occur waste space, because like your person can use the space for modifying like you did.

Any way, it's very nice !

If you can, would you please write like this at the "summary" of your movie?
Shellmo opensource robot platform
Hello Sho,

I like your modular system and could imagine that the lower building space is reserved for the Micropede gear - and I want to build this!

I designed the battery holder to make this model more attractive for users to print and to play with instantly. With this you have a complete platform for programming an autonomous vehicle. I will also design an Arduino rack on top of the servos.

My ra-mod of your RepWalker will also have the "connectors" to the shell with the given measurements.

Maybe I will design an easy upper frame also which could be covered with anything to make it look like an animal. With such features you get more spectators and replicators ;-)
(04-22-2014 07:16 AM)steamboat Wrote: [ -> ]RepWalker ra-mod-01 is running by itself.

I think when major milestones are met like this we should post it to the Facebook group for inspirational purposes. Rainer would you mind posting one of your pics or videos so others can see the progress?

Just a thought Wink
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