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This thread is about the making Shell Cambria
[Image: IMGP1937n1c1.jpg]
Hello Sho,

please give us some info about the eyes and it's movement mechanism. So please open the Shell and take some pictures!
Here is the parts of eyes. There is 2 types of eyes at here.
1.Normal one. User can move the direction of eye beam by hand.
2.My special modified one. Difficult to explain, so I show photo.
I used 3 pieces of Biometal it's a kind of muscle wire.
And I used 2SC2120 a kind of transistor for driving biometal.

User can exchange "Iris" the color of eyes.
Another picture of normal eyes.
I also attached .stl files of this.
Thank you for this inspiration. For me eyes are always a fascinating design feature.

Great to see what is possible with professional 3D printing. Have to think about how to make this with RepRap...
Yes !
But, one of our member, Andrew succeeded to print Cambria and most part of eyes by his desktop printer.
He separated Cambria to some parts for printing.
I think, he will post about it soon Big Grin
I have my shell on the printer right now. Printing on raft and support. I can't see any way at all to get around printing these parts without support.
OK James - than I have to follow ;-)
Came home from work and had a nice little surprise waiting for me. I thought it was going to take a lot longer, but 7 hours I had most of a shell (forgot a wing).
Wow !
I surprised you succeeded print all with beautiful.
And I surprised your courage to try it. It's not just "lazy".

You improved your print skill again and again and modified Replicator2 for better print.
Chance has nothing to do with your success !
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