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It's creation time !
I'm designing the next Shell.

These are required terms I think now,
- easy to print. few supports, little parts
- allow using screws
- many user modification area
- able to see and touch circuit
- enough space for circuit
- cute eyes but no ears

Development name: Shell2

[Image: IMGP3745c1.JPG]

At first, it's enough for me only paper and pencil.
I look living things carefully and try to get inspiration.

Honestly, I have never learn special skills like designer and engineer... Yes, amateur ! Big Grin
(04-30-2014 04:24 AM)sho Wrote: [ -> ]These are required terms I think now,

I would just emphasize the need for avoiding snap, clip on parts. I have yet to get these to work on the original shell no matter how much I "think they should". Also I think m3 attachment to the chassis would be preferable. I had already modified the front of the first shell for this because printing the snap in part required way too much support.

if you avoid 90 degree angles and have all the angles slope in the correct direction printers can handle fairly drastic angles up to 90 degrees if they have something to gradually built out to. I could print the front and back of the cambria shell up until the very tippy top without support for example...
You might also want to keep in mind for the front that the gear motors may need to be rotated 90 degrees at some point to facilitate the redesign of the drive, so we would not want to make the shell skinnier than it is in the front..
(04-30-2014 04:24 AM)sho Wrote: [ -> ]It's creation time ! I'm designing the next Shell
That's why I am here I like such creatures but are not able to design them.. look what I have printed two years ago:
[Image: 2014-04-30.164156-k.jpg]

By the way also snap in modules that do not snap securly..
[Image: 2014-04-30.164230-k.jpg]

Tribolite at Thingiverse
This nautilus gear has also a nature inspired design. But an old guy told me that this where common gears for paper cutting machines for example: Slow cutting fast back track without electronics.
[Image: 2014-04-30.164242-k.jpg]

Nautilus gear at Thingiverse

I just came from a walk in the park where I "mused" about the leg gear and got some design inspirations gratis
[Image: 2014-04-30.164355-k.jpg]

Place where I found the "legs" ;-)

(05-01-2014 12:00 AM)jmccartney Wrote: [ -> ]You might also want to keep in mind for the front that the gear motors may need to be rotated 90 degrees
Don't follow my spur gear spleen to fast. But if, the better location for the motor would be in the middle.

Have a look at this sketch (Yes this are "only" 16 legs). If the motor drives all the gear from the front - position A - the forces has to pass 28 gears till it reaches the last leg. If we position it in the middle - position B - it will be only the half of loss and slag to the last leg.
[Image: 2014-04-30.164946-k.jpg]

For my opinion this gives us also more space for bumper switches etc. at the front and a better weight distribution.
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