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This thread has been created to track my progress in building a micropede variant based on Sho's Shellmo micropede. This the 11th version I have worked on and represents a complete chassis redesign. My micropede will have less legs, be longer, slightly wider and all around less elegant than the original Shellmo. I also think the walking dynamic will be much more "jittery" than the smooth motion of Shellmo that I can not build as designed. The goal is to have a "working" model of a micropede to analyze and improve. This version is not meant to be a universal production model..
Overall chassis design. I have printed much shorter versions to double check dimensions and clearance of moving parts i.e. gears etc etc. The image represents the overall solution I came to from the experiments.

I have the model designed to be printed as the inner chassis as a whole but I have incorporated m3 holes for printing it in two sections as the whole inner chassis takes about 5 hours to print.

I still need to make slight modifications to the crank (make it a hair shorter) and the legs needed to be made slight longer and incorporate the offset for the inner connection which has been significantly strengthen to incorporate 1.75mm filament pins.
Added color coded picture to show the main printed part of the inner chassis (green) and outer (blue). Rainer came up with a neat design to eliminate the need for this, but I found it easier for me to design for it this way since I am not as skilled in mechanics.
Great to see this - I am limited in my English vocabular to express myself in a fine tuned way ;-) So just take it as "extra great" or "awesome" as everything is in the "Amercan Girl" videos of my daughter...

So you switched to the spur gear also?! If you need more or other spur gear designs let me know. I will be happy to send you what ever you need. I have to finish RepWalker documentation before starting with micropede...
Really interesting !
Rainer thought and tested idea for modifing my Micropede and you're trying to install his idea as Micropede.
Asia, Europe, America.
We're no many member, but certainly becoming like a world project Wink
(05-04-2014 04:03 AM)sho Wrote: [ -> ]...Asia, Europe, America.
We're no many member, but certainly becoming like a world project Wink
Yes, so we can continuously work in 3 shifts - the dream of all company Smile
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