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Hello Sho,

finaly I installed my Android sdk and started the "Hello World". Now I would like to change to the BT. There is a BT API Guide at the offical android site:

Are you using the "Bluetooth Low Energy" or "Classic Bluetooth"?
This worked for me. First connection to the RepWalkers BT module. Simple example without convenient features. You have to switch on BT before starting the App and you have to type in the BT address into the code - but it works! - even with old Froyo...

If you change the 0 and 1 message in this Adroid program to the move commands from Sho's Arduino program, the Repwalker is even moving with this two buttons!
Is there anybody who can make an App for an Apple phone? She/He don't have to know anything about Arduino or the Shellmo. The only thing is to establish a serial communication and to send letters as command for movement...
(06-01-2014 06:55 AM)steamboat Wrote: [ -> ]Is there anybody who can make an App for an Apple phone?
I can probably spearhead this. I will look into what it will take.
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