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Insects - sho - 05-02-2014 12:22 AM

Especially, about insects and bugs

Centipede - sho - 05-02-2014 01:54 AM

This is not about "insects".

Today, I caught a centipede!
It's maybe a kind of Chinese red-headed centipede.
I made Micropede from Gakken's Centipede. But the every origin is this.

From the vision of evolution, this centipede's design is one of the best answer for living and walking in nature field.

So, if I will modify Micropede for practical use, it must be like this design.
The flexible body, shape of legs, method for using feeler... it's advanced design.

I feel my Micropede as a junk of plastic compare to this tiny living things... This is the reason that I respect living things.

Centipede has few poison in tusk, so be careful if you find. Please don't touch.

RE: Insects - jmccartney - 05-02-2014 07:05 AM

I wonder if shellmo would paddle itself in the water and then crawl up on land (if it was waterproof and buoyant enough). You see bugs doing this all the time. Would be neato to see.

RE: Insects - sho - 05-04-2014 12:44 AM

Not insects again.

Today, I found an unique spider when I cleaned up my father's little boat.
This spider is a kind of "Dolomedes".

I wondered how this spider can walk on the water. So, I saw the movement carefully for a while.
After it, I found that there is an unique shadow of it.
You can see 9~10(8 legs and head and tail) circles in the shadow.

I feel that there is a "secret" about walking on the water.
When spider walks, the size and position of circles changed clearly.
So, if we analyze the change of these circles, we will be able to know how this spider walks on the water with quantitatively data.

It must be usefull for water walking robot, too...