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Moving eyes - steamboat - 05-08-2014 07:23 AM

Because Sho postulated eyes as mandatory for a Shellmo I printed some "Dasaki Compact Animatronic Eyes" for my RepWalker.

[Image: 2014-05-07.224417-k.jpg]

I will change this design. But it is a good demo for how it's to make. For this video I just placed it on top of the Repwalker and programmed some randomized movements. As an engineer I still need some help with "cute habits" for my creature...

RE: Moving eyes - jmccartney - 05-08-2014 08:01 AM

I am not sure whats more exciting Rainer, the new eyes or the soundtrack? Love the cotton balls!

RE: Moving eyes - steamboat - 05-08-2014 08:08 AM

(05-08-2014 08:01 AM)jmccartney Wrote:  I am not sure whats more exciting Rainer, the new eyes or the soundtrack?
Thank you!
(05-08-2014 08:01 AM)jmccartney Wrote:  Love the cotton balls!
OK - things have to be done faaaassst - so this was my way to get eyes quick...
Sometimes I will try some of this Eyes

RE: Moving eyes - sho - 05-08-2014 04:44 PM

Hello Rainer

Interesting !
This kind of eyes must be an unique accessory of Shell.
I will try to make same eyes, too.

By the way, we will need to decide standard servo like standard gear motor (our N20 100:1 HP ).
This servo will be install to like this eyes and easy robot arm and so on.
But, I don't think to make new motor module like hexapod with many servo. If we make hexapod, it will need 18 servo.

Especially, the "size" of servo will be important as what is standard.
I feel the 40x20mm servo is large for accessory. So, smaller than this size.
I don't mind the torque and speed very much, but it's should not be fragile.

RE: Moving eyes - steamboat - 05-08-2014 05:02 PM

(05-08-2014 04:44 PM)sho Wrote:  By the way, we will need to decide standard servo like standard gear motor (our N20 100:1 HP )
I totally agree with you. I suggest two kind of servo's a small one like for the eyes and a big one like for the movement. I will have a look through the HK page and compare sizes. After that I will make an outline drawing to give people the possibility to compare what they have/can get and what we have planed.

One small standard is called "mini". It s mostly 23 x 12 sometimes 23 x 13. But "mini" could also be bigger or smaller.

This an example of what I am talking about: HK mini servo

RE: Moving eyes - steamboat - 05-08-2014 09:52 PM

I just ordered this HK S0361 3.6g Micro servos. They are a little smaller as mentioned above and as build in the Dasaki eyes. Only 20 x 8 mm.

I will build the new eyes for this. If we want to stuff in more functions, 20 x 8 is better than 23 x 13. Let's see...

Additional I ordered the HK 3.7g servos. They are also in Micro size but start with a rated 3 Volt instead of the nominal 4.8 Volt for regular sevos. Don't know what practical use this has - but it is an option.

New moving eyes set - steamboat - 05-12-2014 07:51 AM


this Sunday I redesigned the Dariaki eyes for my needs: easy to print with 0.5 mm layer height over dimensioned holes for screws so that even with bad layer binding you can't destroy it - hopefully.

This is the first print of the basic layout - needs not many changes anymore. I will have it at least next weeken on Thingiverse. This is the version for the mini servos 22/23 x 12/13 mm base flange. When I get my micro servos from HK I will make a second version for this.

[Image: 2014-05-11.233443-k.jpg]

[Image: 2014-05-11.233525-k.jpg]

RE: Moving eyes - steamboat - 05-13-2014 03:27 AM

The evolution came to a nice layout in it'S 3ed step - at the right.

The eyeball is made in two half's. So you can try out to paint the iris and the pupil on the front pall without ruining the eyeball mechanics. Front and back are glued together because screws would be an overkill an I don't like small snap in connectors...

The top servo axis the eyeball axis and the upper mount axis are in one line. So you even could design an eyelid around it...

[Image: 2014-05-12.190251-k.jpg]

RE: Moving eyes - steamboat - 05-14-2014 05:12 AM

Here it is:

[Image: 2014-05-13.190346-k_preview_featured.jpg]

[Image: 2014-05-13.190448-k_preview_featured.jpg]