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About 3D print
04-29-2014, 04:12 AM
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RE: About 3D print
I'm interested in "light user" of 3D printer.
Light user have 3D printer, but they are not like a creator.
In my opinion, that's no problem for them even if they don't know 3d modeling.
They just find good 3d model on web and enjoy printting it as hobby.
I think they don't like large and expensive printer very much at first.

In this case of printer, may be over 10000 light users will born.
I think, more 1 million light users will born in next 5 years.
And, in the future, most of 3D printer users are light user.

They may be don't know how to make robots, too.
So, it will be good chance to introduce Shellmo to them for starting robots with their printer.

Already, for printing with like this little printer, I designed all RepWalker's parts as smaller than 100 x 100 x 100mm size.
And I will design all next module's parts also smaller than this size.
I don't want to set the 100mm size as "max" for every module, but it will be max size especially for our recommended modules for beginner.

And I'm interested in the price, too !
The low price printer must be useful for introducing Shellmo to more people.
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