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Printing RepWalker Mutation RA04
05-06-2014, 04:26 AM
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RE: Printing RepWalker Mutation RA04
(05-06-2014 12:31 AM)steamboat Wrote:  I am curious about your oppinion to the leg and it's axis. Here I have a concept of ZERO clearance between the 5 mm hole and the 5 mm axis. For me it is easy to take a 5.1 or 5.2 mm drill to make it a perfect bearing fit. But what about the "Tochscreeners". I have heard that most holes on the easy printer are to small? I could (should?) go here to 5.2 mm in the boss also...

The leg and its axis seem very close to being fine. I did some light sanding and they move pretty easily, I used a tad of white lithium grease to slick up the suface a bit also. I will probably do a better job when I am at home.

The real problem is with the tendons. They are not even close to fitting onto the axis. I will have to put them on when I get home as I don't have an assortment of drill bits with me at work..

I can't imagine that much efficiency will be lost if the holes on the tendons are not a "perfect" bearing fit..but you would know more about that than me.

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