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Possible Shield Requirements Analysis
05-12-2014, 07:44 PM (This post was last modified: 05-12-2014 07:45 PM by steamboat.)
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RE: Possible Shield Requirements Analysis

3.3/3.7 Volt with Lipo or
4.8 Volt with rechargeable batteries

What do we get:
3.7 Volt Lipo: leight weight, energy saving processor mode, high sophisticated, modern

4.8 Volt battries: easy to surce, you find it in every household, you can run most shields and sensors with it, all servos will work with this.

3.7 Volt - will all servos work - will all shields and sensors work. Special charging process/unit necessary

4.8 Volt - heavy for it's capacity.

Because with our motors to run the shellmo is not an energy efficient vehicle which could work days in the field. Going to 3.3 Volt could cause some trouble for people to source or to use some stuff. My BT has an converter 5 - 3.3 volt on board...

Shield or not a shield

If we are going to make a PCB I would vote to produce it with such an Atmega 32u4. This gives us the possibility to deliver ready to run pre programed boards to people who just want to play. With the chip 7$ the USB Connector 1,5$ and the Crystal we will raise the price - but who cares. (maybe we even should not talk to much about costs here) In reverse we don't have to solder the shield pins and - the biggest advantage - we can design it as we want.

To go crazy we could use two atmega 32u4 on our board. This would be something special and even if one of it would be enough for most applications it would make things much easier to program for people like me. One chip for the walking action including bumpers - one for the eyes and other sensors - speech/noise?

Users/customers behavior/request- what to do with Shellmo?

This is a wide field of question we should ask ourself - but the key to become popular
... No time for this in the second...

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