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Printing RepWalker Mutation RA04
05-13-2014, 06:21 PM
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RE: Printing RepWalker Mutation RA04
Quote:Hello Rainer.

I'm assembling RW_RA04, but I found a very simple but important error at
Please see the picture. I put my FrameA on yours. There are about 4mm
lag with the position of nut holder.
From this lag, the Frame C also move 4mm to outside direction and can't
attach core.
Can you understand what I mean ?

I think it's easy to repair 3Dmodel, but I don't sure you can put
circuit here because the circuit attachment space will be 4mm smaller...

Hello Sho,

I thought about this issue again...

Do you think I should make a new FrameA to be compatible? Or are we in a stage where this is not that important because everthing is changing and we don't have to many "customers" and other that build/print with us and combine modules - in the moment?

The next step for me will be the centipede. I will make it a "Macropede" because my printing abilities don't allow a Micropede ;-) This also will have other outer dimensions.

I think because this is all work in progress, it is more important to get first results and learn what and how we can print it at home than to have it standardized at the first step - on other hand as a German Engineer I like standards ;-)

I am open for all kind of discussions!

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