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Possible Shield Requirements Analysis
05-13-2014, 11:04 PM
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RE: Possible Shield Requirements Analysis
No analog stuff please. Why not an LED attached to the port and if you soft-switch to test mode the power to all servos will be cut off and you only see the led.

Maybe all this are special wishes. To sum it up: I would like to have a digital component which can switch off all servo power an withstand about 1 or 1.5 Amp max. without to big losses. If we are generous we could take two of this to stop moving and eyes seperately - maybe not necessary but would save energy. As an extra we could install a third thing like that to switch on and of other "power" consumers like a LED, a Camera and so on.

Maybe energy saving is not a major point in this application but it is more fun to work with such a toy more than 5-10 minutes before recharging 2 hours or more. Walking will not be the major field of this creature - I guess. So it is worth to switch off that stuff. On other hands I never measured the Amps needed by the servos - will do that tonight. Maybe all this thoughts are an invest in nothing...

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