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Possible Shield Requirements Analysis
05-28-2014, 02:59 AM
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RE: Possible Shield Requirements Analysis
(05-23-2014 06:59 AM)steamboat Wrote:  What features have you planed for the power system? At least I would like to see the voltage over BT on the Android.

Right now I have "on demand"* voltage monitoring on:
5v rail
3v3 rail

*I say on demand because the voltage divider is inherently going to leak power so I have these so we can switch on monitoring and make readings and switch them off.

I also have diagnostic led indicators for:
5v Regulator
3v3 Regulator
PWR (Raw power from battery for servo/motor)
AUX (Raw power from battery for aux sleep mode stuff)
Leonardo Power

These leds in most cases can be switch off by the brainstem

(05-23-2014 06:59 AM)steamboat Wrote:  My which would be (but not all which have to become true in live)
- an integrated BT module for all kind of Android communication.
- a temp sensor
- a real time clock chip with battery
- a gyroscope
- some kind of on/off or sleep button/functionality to keep shellmo alive for some days in sleep mode.
- a SD card slot for storing data and/or sending sound and music.
- an amplifier to play music
- an amplifier for a mic.

This is a good list.

I want to cover BT integration for power and data to eliminate those wires.

Temp sensor is easy and cheap.

RTC is a must for scheduling.

Accelerometer, audio, mic I think would be cheapest to just add cheap Chinese boards. It would increase the part count substantially I think, but a audio and mic are must haves to get the "behavior" so I am thinking on it..might just use add on boards.

SD slot, if I can find space and route it.

(05-23-2014 06:59 AM)steamboat Wrote:  With this Shellmo could tell you how hot it was at home when you are coming back or at night. It could say hello. Could say good morning when it is time to get up or play your favorite music. It could try to walk straight ahead with the gyro.

This is exactly what I have in mind.

(05-23-2014 06:59 AM)steamboat Wrote:  Maybe the Gyro is not necessary because Shellmo will never go long distances - but on other hand this are fun features. I still have one of this as spare part for my quadrocopter Arducopter 2.6 but never used it in a land vehicle and even did not program it by myself...

What about a camera?

I think camera would be nice, but makes more sense for the distant future and some sort of raspberry pi integration.
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