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Possible Shield Requirements Analysis
05-29-2014, 01:49 AM
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RE: Possible Shield Requirements Analysis
(05-28-2014 06:36 PM)steamboat Wrote:  I don't know how much such boards will cost in the US and how easy it is for you to source it in small quantity's. I could try to make it on my CNC mill but maybe the legs of the Atmel Chip are to small.

Right now the PCB is going to cost $19us for 10 boards. I say add 15-20 for components and maybe an hour of time a piece for building it out. So really your looking at maybe $25 max for a single shield as I have it designed right now. I don't care to recoup any labor and expect not to sell these as I am not sure I am that comfortable in my design skills to go commercial Wink

The good thing is you wont have to populate everything, just what you need as its mostly just a shield anyways. Something like the RTC can be soldered by hand.

(05-28-2014 06:36 PM)steamboat Wrote:  Maybe we could start with an easy board try this out and improve it step by step. Normally I am not able to make "THE GREAT THING" at the first time. And with modern rapid technologies this even is not necessary...

We could start with an easy board, but then there are plenty of them out there. I agree, this board is complex, but I am taking all the risk here anyways so don't worry. Almost all of this is really an integration from a bunch of spark-fun schematics anyways, so while there is a lot of room for error, it will be in the integration, not at the individual part level.

(05-28-2014 06:36 PM)steamboat Wrote:  If prototypes are not to expansive, we can try to sell the prototypes at ebay with a printed RepWaler just for the production costs.

At the weekend - which starts in 5 hours here and will last for 4 days ;-) - I also will prepare a discussion base for the Shellmo module sizes including space for the PCB. What about batteries? Do you think we should stick with the 4x AA rechargeables?

4x AA seems alright to me. I don't think these thing are going to be doing a lot of moving through out the day. Something I do want to think more on before I send this design off.

Re:ebay, I mean whatever you think, if I could get a hot air rework station out of all this that would be lovely, but I am not thinking really about that.

Have a nice weekend. Sounds good. The PCB is large by the way. The only way to incorporate data+power+gnd takes a lot of space. I think the board is 8x10cm which is HUGE, but looks like it can fit on the things we have been building and will look better than a rats nest of wires.

I am going to try to send out for PCB in 2 weeks. So in 5 weeks from now I should have 10 from China and can make a couple and test them out and build the software for brainstem.
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