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Possible Shield Requirements Analysis
06-01-2014, 10:01 PM
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RE: Possible Shield Requirements Analysis
(06-01-2014 06:47 AM)steamboat Wrote:  You also can get the ACS712 in a 5A version:

Maybe still a to bad resolution with 185 mv/A
Funny you mention it, I was looking at this before I went to bed, but the part might not be that great besides being widely used. Resolution is not awesome as well as its not cheap $4us for me to source.

I did manage to shift things on the board enough to make room for this I think. Because of the nature of how things are already layed out though the current sense ic will monitor an entire 3 channel servo port. So in other words 2 of the 4 3 channel servo ports will have current sense. It just seems to hard to isolate a single servo channel at this point.

I'll post a picture of what I am saying, its hard to put in words that are not confusing.

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