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04-26-2014, 07:55 AM
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crankk pin
I changed all pins from 4 mm diameter to 5 mm. 4 mm would be fine for good printers and if you are knowing what you are doing but I want to make it fool proof...

Because I came back to my printer after 6 month and I was using new filament I had to play a little with all the settings. As I started with 3D Printing I was using Skeinforge a lot because of it's possibilities to fine tune everything - maybe a problem of German Engineers ;-) For easy printing I gave Slic3r a chance. But with this fine structures Slic3r had a problem. It tends to not following the outer lines exactly and splitting them at random points. Especially with the claws I had some problems to get them stable.

Now I went back to the free KISSlicer. This is a good compromise of nice settings and easy to use operation. Best of all it don't "invent" new outlines like the Slic3r and produces stable print layouts.

Have a look at KISSlicer here. First the support made the crank pin unstable:
[Image: 2014-04-25.204400.jpg]

By changing the extruson width and the number of loops I got this result:
[Image: 2014-04-25.204300.jpg]

Printing with this was easy. I am using a nozzle with about 0.45 mm diameter and printed this with 0.5 mm layer height and 0.6 mm extrusion width.
To get this parts stable during printing I used a Z-lift when moving from one pin to the other, a prime pillar and a little fan to cool it.
It came out verry strong. So if people want to print it with 0.25 mm layer height it would come out even better...
[Image: 2014-04-25.193444-k.jpg]

As you can see I have to play with the seam positioning and the seam hiding.

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